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NEWS Mar 2019 diane abbott, Victimhood, sanctimony, racism‘We are fast approaching ‘peak sanctimony’ according to Professor Kenneth Carslaw, Head of Societal Dynamics at West Spalding College. ‘I’m basing this forecast on a recording of 8.9 on the Verhoeven Scale on Thursday March CC when Amber Rudd’s use of the C word to describe Diane Abbott sent the readings rocketing at sample points all around the country.

Sanctimony Index (excluding N.Ireland) compiled by West Spalding College

 ‘You have to remember that a large percentile of the UK population gets exquisite pleasure from ‘mispokes’ like Rudd’s reference to Diane Abbott. There’s no limit to the skill and energy these creatures can devote to contriving wounded indignation – particularly when they are given a chance to make accusations of racism. What Rudd delivered was, for them, pure nectar.’               

The situation was not helped by the provocative interventions of some commentators including of right wing comedian Kenny Hawes who in his late night TV show suggested that ‘Diane Abbott is now considered to be outdated and abusive term’ while  in his weekly Horizons column  Sean Feeley wrote that ‘the whole incident offers further convincing evidence that the general public is broken and no longer fit for purpose.’


Feb 2019amnesty international, dictators, brutalityAssad joins world leaders in expressing revulsion at Amnesty International brutality

The outgoing president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro is the latest to join a long list of world leaders  expressing revulsion at the actions of Amnesty International’s brutal ruling regime. They have unanimously condemned what they see as a bullying culture and point to allegations of appalling treatment of staff which has driven some to take their own lives. Other leaders who have voiced their disgust at Amnesty’s antics include President Assad of Syria as well as the Isis high command, Aung Sang Lee and her pet Burmese generals, Tayipp ‘the Turk’ Erdogan and Zimbabwe’s Emmerson (AKA ‘the crocodile’) Mnangagwa.

A so-called  ‘interview room’ in the HR  department  at Amnesty’s HQ 

But the anti-Amnesty protests have not been confined to the upper echelons of regimes – thousands of ordinary torture specialists in the police and military as well as goon squads around the world from Kazakhstan and the Middle East to North Korea have expressed their utter disgust at the charity and its toxic working environment in which, by Amnesty’s own admission, has seen staff  subjected to  appalling mistreatment. 
One former Chilean police investigator now in a retirement home in Santiago said, ‘We’ve all had to take tough decisions in our time but in all my years as an keen enforcer in a vile police state I have never encountered this level of depravity.’ Seven senior Amnesty figures have offered to resign.



Last night’s Bafta Awards Ceremony was in stark contrast to the previous year. Then we reported how Isis women in what was then the caliphate changed into black outfits for the occasion in a defiant show of solidarity with the ‘Me Too’ campaign organised by the women of Hollywood and ran exclusive picture coverage showing Isis fighters arriving at a community centre in Hamra, Syria  to watch the ceremony.


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Mar 09 2019TV, NETFLIX, US JUSTICEYou name the guilty ones in Making A Murderer – it’s the hot new game in town

Many believe that Kathleen Zelner will prove her client’s innocence

The latest conversational game dominating social gatherings among the Netflix community in New York and Chicago. which they are calling ‘Who’ll go down?’ Players have to name the people who they think would have to be charged with perverting the course of justice or a related offence if Making A Murderer lawyer Kathleen Zelner proves that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are found to have been wrongly convicted. LULU SHAYLER reports from the Windy City.


Mar 2019CHARITY SHOPS, STOLEN GOODS, car boot salesROBIN TOOLEY Retired naval officer  who reinvigorated the model of high street charity shops
When a new charity retail scheme, MyOwnShop, opened almost a decade ago in a fanfare of publicity it drew queues which were the envy of its high street neighbours. The scheme, pioneered by Tulip Tree, a children’s charity founded by Duncan Tooley, offered  prime retail space for rent  by the day or week to  people could sell their unwanted possessions. The concept was to offer inner-city residents the equivalent of the car boot sale which served rural and suburban areas.
‘Now we can all sell our surplus junk on the high street in a good cause’
Tulip piloted the scheme in a former dairy in Hackney divided into small kiosks available for rent by the week or the day. Tooley found that it was more practical to let the public provide the labour by bringing in and selling their own stock while his charity just rented out the space for an affordable rent with a further charge for space on MyOwnShop’s affiliated website.



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How the KGB helped the Russian leader’s early judo career and ingrained a continuing pattern of aggressive behaviour at home and abroad    


Mar 2019BREXIT, ALT RIGHTEOUS ‘There is a species of Remainer who, while talking of ‘Little Englanders’,  sees himself as ‘a citizen of the world’ because he owns a house in France and enjoys pizza.’ 

Prof Paul Brewer in The Hobbesian Magazine

have your say!
Mar 2019cookery, foam, PRISON     
  Are you in a lather over foam?

Should chefs serving dishes garnished with ‘foam’ face lengthy prison sentences?  

‘This is the daftest culinary development since ‘nouvelle square’ plates,’ says Broughton MP, Edwin Clews, ‘They are guilty of the most fatuous pretension and of perverting the course of cookery so of course they must face a spell in prison. The problem is apprehending them now that knife crime is taking up so much police time. But I say. ‘give me home cooking not foam cooking’.

So should it be a fine or a prison sentence? You have your say.



‘The security agencies of the West have more to fear from penetration by serious criminal interests than the agents of foreign governments’ 

– Prof Glyn Owen


Mar 2019POLITICS, brexit

‘The calendar is still ticking’ writes our new man in Westminster, HORACE EDGERLEY. Follow his regular column of penetrating political analysis  STARTING TOMORROW!





Mar 2019
BRUSSELS, nationalismFlagrant flags of  EU nations on ‘obscene display’ 

Prof Ted Peasley has condemned what he described as ‘an appalling display of craven in-your-face nationalism’ outside multiple Brussels office buildings belonging to the European Union following his visit to the capital last Tuesday. ‘I thought we’d got over this sort of nonsense said the Professor who was in Belgium to research his forthcoming book on the Union.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY 14 Jan 2018
BREAST FEEDING, BLOOD, LIBELLOUS LIQUIDS ‘First we had the blood libel, now we have the milk libel – I’m wondering where this is going to go next?’’

Historian Seymour Campbell-Kershowitz following Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz quoting Yitzhak Shamir‘s assertion  that ‘the Poles imbibe anti-semitism with their mother’s milk’.



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