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The Second Post is an artwork featuring a graphic novel serialised in the form of a news website so pretty much everything on the site outside this boxed text is fiction. An exception is the existence of the books High Harm and The Pyjama Game, A Journey Into Judo, which feature in a series of advertisements and for which the site has been developed to promote.

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Welcome to The Second Post,sustainable, affordable and free at the point of delivery, a website that cares passionately about our world.
We’re very much a people site, written for people by people and about people. We invite you to join us in our journey in an  ongoing search for truth in pursuit of which we will not cease to strain  every ligament and not rest until we have done so.
The Second Post is proud to speak up for the most vulnerable in our society whether hardworking families up and down the country or the toff wearing a Rolex in one of the dodgier bits of Deptford  OK WHO  IS THE JOKER WHO  ADDED THIS? We will not rest until the world is purged of all those sort of bad things like slavery. The Second Post will have no truck with greedy bankers, tax dodgers or even ordinary people traffickers. We are also passionately opposed to cruelty to animals. Nor should the so-called ‘so-called Islamic State’ look to The Second Post for our approval. The IS ideology butters no parsnips with us. You wont catch us dismissing their innapropriate behaviours as mere horseplay. Indeed we have no hesitation in condemning their actions as completely unacceptable and must never be allowed to happen again.  Some say we are fearless in speaking out like this. Well, yes, we own up to that!
We in the UK are a proud people with a proud future. We believe in equality for all people without regard to their nationality, racial preferences, sexual orientations, the colour of their religion, their skin choices, or hairstyle or indeed the colour of their hairstyle or orientation of their skin.
Some say we are a bit of a Marmite site: they love us or hate us. But we are a mixture of lots of interesting things – in a sense a sort of muesli. So this then is us – muesli mixed with marmite working in harmony for a better future, not only for people in the UK but for ordinary hard working people up and down the world.
And also our readers’ safety is our top priority at all times. And another thing, we we care passionately about the environment.




We do not approve of unpaid internships: all our interns pay their own way – actually, to be frank, it’s usually their parents who pay – and in return they benefit from our work-based tuition programme plus our highly-prized TSP Certificate of Online Journalism.
See our Rates for Interns including our Special Summer Vacation Scheme and Gap Year Deals.


Write to us at the address on the back of this page.


Chairman & Chief Executive Aram Manukian 
Board Members
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Youri Boghossian, Anna Manukian,
Company Secretary Adranik  Manukian 
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Editor Paul Gutteridge
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Chief Site Attendant Tom Bolton 
News & Features Desk  Al Stuart & Pete Kelly 
Sub Editors  Tina de Zoot and Anna Mae Wu
Chief Political Columnist
Horace Edgerley
Leader Writer Max Morley
Feature Writers
 Tamsin Deluth, Lulu Shayler
Reporters Imran Shah and Connie Collins
Picture Editor Debbie Morden 
Interns (Class 1) Kevin Fells  
Interns (Class 2) Alex Brasco


Circulation Manager Jed Parker
Ethical Consultant Dwight Perelman 
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