29 JAN 2019  . . .  Has anyone here seen Eddie? . . .  it was a robot that shut down Gatwick . . . appalling abuse suffered by women of gender . . . an oeuf already from Jacaranda . . .  brisk new trade in erotic doilies . . .  textile torture – time to ban this vile practice . . . 

1 January 2019


‘ . . . As one of the big beasts roaming the media landscape we at The Second Post fully accept our responsibilities’

Dear Reader,
It has been another year of triumphant growth for The Second Post. We have to accept that we have become something of a national treasure. However, as one of the big beasts roaming the media landscape please do not think that we do not fully accept our responsibilities’.
So now we invite you to help us solve the mystery of Eddie Izzard, learn of an unlikely innovation at Waterloo station, enjoy the latest culinary tip from Jacaranda Finch, spare a thought for the ever-growing number of HDD sufferers in our community, applaud the courage of those participating in the new Classical Bloopers show and join us in supporting one of the most worthwhile of our selected charities, Towels Without Torture.

We all wish you a very happy new year!

The Editor

‘The clever thing about serious organised crime is that everyone stays schtum. Those who know what’s going on are too scared to speak; those who don’t know don’t want to know. It is too terrible for the authorities to contemplate so they won’t discuss it. The general public doesn’t want to know. The chattering classes don’t like to chatter about it – bit of a downer at a dinner party – and they’re happy to leave it to the politicians they claim to despise. The politicians think it should be left to the police because it’s a vermin control problem, but they certainly don’t want to be told that Vermin Control is controlled by vermin. So we have the converse of moral panic: a state of collective wilful denial.’  

– Prof Glyn Owen


Jan 2019NEWS, DRONES, GATWICK, ROBOTS, SECURITY‘Gatwick drones were piloted by robots’
Aviation security consultant T.L. Cahill identifies the true villains behind the Christmas flight chaos TOMORROW in THE SECOND POST

featuresJan 2019GENDER, WOMEN, SOCIETYTOMORROW. in The Second Post Lulu Shayler uncovers the shameful scandal of How Women of Gender are being excluded from some of London’s most fashionable clubs 


Just mention The Second Post and pick up a FREE COPY of the London Evening Standard!



4 Jan 2019prison, drug, corruption, criminal infiltration 

The nation’s police chiefs seem to have only just discovered that the Prison Service has been infiltrated by the tentacles of organised crime.  

Assistant Chief Constable Jason Hogg, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), said he ‘strongly suspected’ gangs were getting their associates  jobs in prisons so they could smuggle in drugs.

Prof Glyn Owen knew this was happening two years ago. Here is an extract from a lecture he delivered to new recruits to the security services.

‘Our United Kingdom is surely qualified to make a bid for Gangster State status? Why shouldn’t our police be thoroughly corrupted? They have been before – swathes of officers have been fired in a succession of metropolitan and regional purges. We know our Prison Service has been infiltrated by criminals who get jobs as warders so they can smuggle drugs. What if our Security Services were to be penetrated by criminal forces, just as they were by foreign intelligence agencies during the Cold War?

Prof Glyn Owen is a central character in High Harm http://www.highharm.com .  This part of his lecture is on page 232.

The author learned about the  criminal infiltration of the  UK Prison Service  six years ago from a  former Prison Service employee.



Why has the most potent Remain campaigner disappeared just when the nation most needs him?
Police forces in the South East of England have been joined by members of the general public as they stepped up their search for comedian and political activist Eddie Izzard. Concerns have been voiced about his whereabouts for several weeks.

   Police hunt for Izzard  in Kent countryside

Mr Izzard is generally regarded by leaders of Remain as one of the most articulate and clear thinking of their campaigners, and they are in despair that their crucial advocate is nowhere to be seen. His ability to bring to bear a cool thoughtful intellect on the big issues associated with Brexit has been a valuable resource for his cause.



3 Jan 2019


A stall on the concourse of Waterloo Station selling doilies featuring sexually explicit images  has become a big hit with commuters and tourists. The brainchild of Janina and Dijana Kalpokas, Lihuanian-born sisters in their early twenties, the stall opened for business at the beginning of November. They plan to open outlets at three other Central London locations.



2 Jan 2019textiles, cruelty, hotels, campaigns 

Time for a world where towels are spared torture
Vulnerable and helpless, they are taken into locked rooms where they are twisted, stretched, crumpled, and forced into terrible contortions – sometimes even smothered in flower petals – all this just to give wealthy hotel guests a few minutes of gratuitous pleasure. The abuse is carried out by poorly paid chamber maids acting under duress from their bosses. See tomorrow’s The Second Post for Tamsin Duluth’s fearless report on the victims and perpetrators behind a new and burgeoning trade. And join us in supporting Towels Without Torture, one of our selected charities for this year. Help us stamp out this vile practice. Now!

These wretched victims were found  and photographed by activists from Towels Without Torture in a Turkish hotel which we cannot name for legal reasons.  They are among hundreds of thousands who are being abused every day in some of the world’s richest countries.  



– one of the world’s most remarkable feats of military engineering

‘The walls of the citadel have been created by carving away the contours of a hill to form a giant cylinder with a conical top and vertical sides making an unassailable 160-foot-high cliff-face of wall rising out of a moat hewn deep into the rock and once populated with crocodiles.’
from Mark Law’s account 

January issue of The Oldie Magazine


Jan 2019cookery, canapes, eggs


This profound delicacy is best taken almost in the manner of snuff – sprinkle some on the back of your hand but instead of sniffing it just a little gathered on the tip of the tongue is very pleasurable. If you feel your guests have issues with snuff taking having a tobacco vibe why not try for instance, oeufs de cailles – one of Gerald’s favourites! Boil these little dears for just a couple of minutes, chill in cold running water, roll gently under you palm, peel and serve them in a plain bowl beside a shallow ramekin of sel de celery into which the eggs can be gently rolled. 
This one goes nicely with Chopin’s Waltz in A flat Opus 69 number 1.
(Taken from Jacaranda Finch’s High Cooking, the No-nonsense Book of Haute Cuisine Ravelin Books £7.99)
NEXT WEEK:  Devilled Plover Kidneys


‘If they could see on my face what I feel in my heart no one would ever fight me’    – Yasuhiro Yamashita


4 Jan 2019
ARTS, MUSIC, COMEDYBlooper genre heads for the classics
A dozen leading record companies have agreed to contribute to an upmarket radio version of TV Blooper shows featuring blunders which never reached their intended audience. Calamity Classic  is a radio programme which is to include wrong notes, mistimed entries, conductor outbursts which occurred during crucial recording sessions by some of the world’s leading orchestras and soloists.  Off-key Radio, the independent production company, which has sold the programme to more than sixteen territories, say that an undisclosed proportion of the proceeds from the show will go to musicians’ charities.



Jan 2019Tags, HOME DECORATING DISORDERDear Madam or Sir,
Lulu Shayler’s article on Home Decorating Disorder in your December issue (see below) was valuable as far as it went but we need to educate people so they appreciate that these home decorating magazine photographic locations have undergone ruthless regimes before they appear in public. Unsightly blemishes are concealed by subtle lighting and digital manipulation, dimensions are distorted by wide-angle photography, and they are often deprived of essential furniture and possessions. As a result of all this there have even been cases of HDD resulting in serious self-harming with some people getting rid of essential possessions in order to achieve the minimalist look. The industry needs to take action now.
Maureen Greenock, Hertford.

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